There are quite a few superstitions around sailing, do you take any notice of them, or are you always ensuring that you keep on the good side of Lady Luck?

Below are Boatshed's top 10 - if we've missed any, please share them so that we don't suffer a watery mishap for not paying attention!

  • Never change the name of a boat - it's bad luck to do so. But if you wish to re-name you must have a de-naming ceremony before you relaunch her with a new name.
  • Tattoo's - If you were thinking of reaching for the needle and some ink, a tattoo of a Rooster or a Pig onto your feet was a popular tattoo in the belief that to save you from drowning these animals would show you the way to shore.
  • Hat's - If you lose your hat overboard it is said that your journey will be a long one. Better stock up on cap clips me thinks!
  • Trimming - It was said that to cut nails, hair or even take a shave would bring back luck to the boat.
  • Women - It was said that women onboard would distract the crew, however partly clothed women would calm the sea- hence why ships usually have a scantly clad figureheads.
  • Whistling - It was said that to whistle onboard would be to 'Whistle up a storm'
  • Bananas - Boat's that had Bananas onboard were said to be so unlucky they would be lost at sea.
  • Dolphins - A pod of dolphin's swimming in front of the ship were always seen as a good sign
  • Sharks - Whilst a shark swimming behind the boat was a sign of death
  • Red heads - To meet a red headed person before sailing is seem as a bad omen, the only way to shake this one is to make sure you speak with them before they speak to you.

Please let us know if you have heard of any others - or do you and your crew have a certain way of doing things bought on by superstitions?