Boatshed’s unique Preferred Partners Scheme connects boat buyers with marine suppliers and service providers, internationally, nationally across the UK and locally. When buying a used boat from Boatshed, many of our buyers require equipment, accessories, sails, insurance, transportation, berthing facilities, upgrades and other essential products and services associated with boat ownership, maintenance, cruising and racing. Often, these are required immediately upon purchase of the boat, or soon thereafter, and are regarded by our customers as part and parcel of buying and equipping their ‘new’ boat.

Our websites, systems and selling practices are extremely customer supportive and hands-on, with our yacht brokers working with and assisting customers throughout the entire purchase process. This includes most customers relying upon our brokers’ knowledge of the larger marine sector and asking them for recommendations for related products and services. Boatshed’s Preferred Partners Scheme is a development of this broker/customer relationship, addressing the wider requirements of boat ownership.

For our customers

Our customers access a wide range of necessary products and services relating to the boat they are purchasing. Our Preferred Partners offer our customers discounts of up to 10%. Enquires are routed automatically by Boatshed’s secure systems, along with key information about the boat in question. A buyer of a used boat will, typically, spend about 20% of the price of the boat on products and services within the first 12 months of ownership. The Preferred Partners Scheme is aimed at reducing this expenditure and the overall cost of boat ownership for Boatshed customers.

For our Preferred Partners

The Preferred Partners Scheme targets products, services and Preferred Partners to specific boats we are selling which require new equipment, upgrades onboard and other services. For example, when viewing a second-hand cruising boat described as having ‘a 10 year old set of sails’, we know from experience that a prospective buyer will be very keen to purchase a new set of sails and will want a quote and a sail maker on standby to discuss this with, should he decide to buy that boat. Our scheme places the Preferred Partner sail maker’s advert alongside the description of the boat’s sails, with a link to that business’s website and contact details, just at the click of a mouse. Furthermore, discounts offered to Boatshed customers and users are advertised as well, increasing the likelihood that the interested buyer will contact that sail maker for a quotation. Details of the subject boat are sent to the sail maker as part of the enquiry, to simplify preparing a quotation. Boatshed has 280,000 unique visitors per month.

Preferred Partner arrangements are usually non-exclusive - as customers, in our experience, always want a number of quotes - but we manage partner relationships so that we only promote a small group of overlapping, leading businesses, which we then highly recommend. We also make sure that the products and services of local partners are directed to areas where those businesses actually operate, whereas national and international partners benefit from our size and international reach.

New Preferred Partners

There are currently 16 key recommended Preferred Partners taking part in this scheme. They offer Boatshed customers discounted good and services in the following areas: Boat trailers; new sails; rigging and spars; boat valeting; practical sail training; online sail training; anti-fouling; marine services; boat maintenance; insurance.

If you are a marine business interested in joining the Preferred Partners Scheme, please contact us on

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