How quickly can you organise a RIB RALLY in the Solent? Well it only took a few days, dedicated friends and the sun to shine to convince everyone it was a good idea.

We got four new Rib-X RIBS, several families, friends, dogs and some great BBQ food, plus with the tides giving high water at lunch time it made our stop off at Hamstead Point Beach just perfect.

We took extra large rubbish bags and by the time we'd left the beach was cleaner than we found it!

Anchoring TIPS

Because the tides are quite strong on this beach and you may get some surf with high speed passing boats drop everyone ashore, then go and anchor your boat off.

The easiest way to drop everyone ashore, so they keep dry feet is to drop a stern anchor about 20 meters out, let it catch then slowly pay in out, until you just nudge the beach. You'll be out of gear and keep the anchor line clear of the props. An agile person will jump ashore with a line and keep the boat in place, everyone can climb off slowly, then the driver can go and anchor the boat, grabbing a lift ashore in a small tender.

When you anchor have a decent weight anchor with a good amount of chain, drop the anchor, pay it out until 3 x depth has been used, dig it in by going astern gently, don't rip the anchor out, when you're sure its holding, let another few meters out. Remember the tide height will change depending upon what state the tide is, have enough line out.